Have you ever wondered if robots will replace teachers in the near future? If so, we have activities to explore this matter. Time 30-40 minutes

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future schools

Future Schools

What will the future schools look like? We learn how we can change the learning experiences and what the increase of more technology in our

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sports lessons

Sport at School

Sport at school is important for all students. Learn why sport should be an everyday activity at school and why some people can do different sports

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global citizen,global changes

Global Changes

There is global changes. Learn why should we should worry about the changes in our environment and how we could look after it in better ways.

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new ways to shop

New Ways to Shop

There are new ways to shop. Learn about the shopping experiences in different stores and how technology is making it easier to shop. Time 30-40

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becoming an author

Becoming an Author

Becoming an author does not simply mean that you publish a book because with advances in self-publishing, you could technically write and publish a book

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Valentine Message

Valentine’s Day

Every year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th February, but what are the origins of this day. Learn the history of this special day

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