Fake News

fake news

Fake News – Discover the impact of fake news on society and learn how to spot and combat misinformation. These activities will provide you with a great way to prepare for the IB English B listening exam as well as learn about ‘Fake News’,

  • Time

    20 minutes

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  • Theme and topic

    Experiences: Fake News


Dive into the phenomenon known as circular reporting and how it contributes to the spread of false news and misinformation.

  • Information spreads quickly in today's world
  • False information can be spread through circular reporting.
  • We need to be cautious about what we believe and check the original source of information.

You are going to hear a podcast episode about fake news on social media.

Here are the keywords and phrases covered in this lesson:

  • disguises
  • fake new
  • freedom of speech
  • harmful impacts
  • investment tips
  • main culprits
  • political news
  • rumours
  • social news
  • social media platforms
  • state-sponsored content
  • suspicious
  • untruthful content
  • All
  • Listening Skills
  • IB English B
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IB English B Language Skills

  • Listening & Speaking

    Skills to communicate both professionally and socially.

  • Reading

    Skills to stimulates imagination memory and recall information

  • Writing

    Skills to foster the ability to explain and refine ideas.

IB English B Themes

  • Experiences

    Opportunities to consider how events which take place impact an individual's life.

  • Human Ingenuity

    Opportunities to explore the sciences, technology and creativity.

  • Identities

    Opportunities to discover interests, values, belief and culture.

  • Sharing The Planet

    Opportunities to look at the challenges faced by individuals and communities in the modern world.

  • Social Organization

    Opportunities to explore the way in which groups of people organise themselves through common systems or interests.

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