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Global Citizen is a movement that aims to raise awareness about how we should change our world in order to have a better future. By the end of this lesson, you will understand why it is important to be a global citizen and how to encourage others to make a difference to their lives.

  • Time

    30-40 minutes

  • Main Skills

    Listening and Speaking

  • Theme and topic

    Identities: - Global Citizen

  • Download Available

    Audio Transcript


Watch a video about the Global Citizen movement and answer the questions.

Listen to Scott Harrison, founder of Charity Water, reflect on the Global Citizen Festival. Answer the questions below.

More information about the Global Citizen movement is here.

Here are the keywords and phrases to learn:

  • awareness
  • charities
  • commitment
  • communities
  • expectations
  • extraordinary
  • fundraising campaign
  • inspire
  • movement

IB English B Language Skills

  • Listening & Speaking

    Skills to communicate both professionally and socially.

  • Reading

    Skills to stimulates imagination memory and recall information

  • Writing

    Skills to foster the ability to explain and refine ideas.

IB English B Themes

  • Experiences

    Opportunities to consider how events which take place impact an individual's life.

  • Human Ingenuity

    Opportunities to explore the sciences, technology and creativity.

  • Identities

    Opportunities to discover interests, values, belief and culture.

  • Sharing The Planet

    Opportunities to look at the challenges faced by individuals and communities in the modern world.

  • Social Organization

    Opportunities to explore the way in which groups of people organise themselves through common systems or interests.

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