Thai Street Food

Thai Street Food

Thai street food is popular around the world and in this lesson we explore the streets of Bangkok and find out what is unique about Thai street food compared to other places in the world.

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    Experiences - Thai Street Food

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Thailand has some amazing Thai Street food and it is so cheap. Watch this video that takes you through the streets of Bangkok. Answer the questions in the video.

You will hear a reporter who visited Bangkok where he sampled some Thai Street Food.

A. Identify true or false statements: According to the reporter, which of the following statements are true or false?

1. The reporter selects a very hot and spicy dish.

2. Street food is an important part of Bangkok life.

3. Half the people in Bangkok eat street food daily.

4. Many top chefs prefer visiting street food vendors rather than expensive restaurants.

5. The current government support the vendors selling food on the street.

6. Vendors are being allocated to new places in the city by the Thai government.

7. New shops and expensive restaurants will soon replace the street vendors.

Question 1 of 3

B. Gap-fill. Complete the text.

The food writer believes that it is (8) to remove the street food as she feels that it is part of Bangkok’s (9) . The reporter explained that many vendors have built a (10) customer base at a certain location and that they will (11) a lot of their customers if they move.

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C. Multiple Choice Choose the correct statement. 12. The reporter believes

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Here are the keywords and phrases to learn:

  • affordable
  • buttery sweetcorn
  • discarded
  • economic development
  • evictions
  • portion
  • deliciousness
  • food stalls
  • food writer
  • foreigner
  • legendary
  • portion

Answers for the listening exercise.
Part A
1. True 2. True 3. False 4. True 5. False 6. False 7. True
Part B
8. short-sighted 9. culture 10. loyal 11. lose
Part C
12. B

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