TeenCode: The IGCSE ESL listening exercise 5 is an interview between two speakers. You have eight multiple-choice questions to answer. Each question has three written

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shopping online

Shopping Online

Shopping Online, have you ever had a problem with a product you bought online? We have some activities to get you ready to write an

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cheating in exams

Cheating in Exams

Cheating in Exams, you have to read texts about students views about cheating in exams and decide if the statements are correct about them. Time

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flying cars

Flying Cars

Flying cars will likely be a reality in the future. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to understand the impact of this

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new ways to shop

New Ways to Shop

New Ways to Shop: There are new ways to shop. Learn about the shopping experiences in different stores and how technology makes shopping easier. Time

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