Plastic Waste

plastic waste

Plastic Waste: The IGCSE ESL listening exercise 5 is an interview between two speakers. You have eight multiple-choice questions to answer. Each question has three written options: words, phrases, or short sentences. To excel in this part of the test, you must understand the details, opinions, ideas, and implied information expressed by the main speaker.

  • Time

    10-15 minutes

  • Main Skills


  • Topic

    Environmental Issues: Plastic Waste

Questions 33-40

You will hear a podcast with a woman called Emma Clark, who is talking about plastic waste.

For each question, choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

You will hear the interview twice. Now look at questions 33–40.

Here are the keywords and phrases covered in Listening Exercise 5:

  • advantage
  • discard
  • environment dat
  • make-up remover
  • packaged
  • premade items
  • purchase
  • recommendation
  • recycle
  • refill
  • remote island
  • shocking image


  • Speaking

    Skills to communicate with others to express thoughts and feelings.

  • Listening

    Skills to improve active listening in order to develop responses to what someone is saying.

  • Reading

    Skills to stimulates imagination memory and recall information

  • Writing

    Skills to foster the ability to explain and refine ideas.


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