Changing Population

changing population

Changing population provides you with the opportunity to consider how population change affects communities and social services. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to understand what effect the change in population is having on our planet.

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    30-40 minutes

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    Social Organization - Changing Population

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    Listening Task Script

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The world’s population has more than doubled since the 1970s. But a booming population is only part of the story—in some places populations are in decline. As you watch, answer the questions. Once you have watch the video. Give three reasons why the population in some Eastern European countries are shrinking.

You will hear a radio report on the lack of housing for a Native American community living on an Indian reservation in Wyoming. Match the statements with the four speakers.

1. They don't have the money to build more homes.

2. People are spending more money on repairing existing homes.

3. It's difficult for children to learn in school when they live in such conditions.

4. They don't have money to pay for electricity.

5. Crowded homes can cause violence.

6. Cultural values enhance their family life.


Read the text about the challenges faced in Australian due to the changing population.

Here are the keywords and phrases to learn:

  • aging population
  • baby boom
  • cultural value
  • demographic profile
  • domestic violence
  • hight mortality
  • housing
  • life expectancy
  • limited housing
  • living environments
  • low birthrate
  • migration
  • national progress
  • overcrowding
  • pension
  • proportion
  • reservation
  • retirement age
  • traditional lifestyle

Answers for the video interactive exercise.
1. Low birthrate
2. High mortality
3. Massive out-migration

Answers for the listening exercise.
1. Patrick Goggles
2. Heidi Frechette
3. Vonda Wells
4. Lynell Shakespeare
5. Vonda Wells
6. Patrick Goggles

  1. Choose a country or city where English is the native language. Research the changes in population there over the last 30 years. Look for the causes and effects of those changes. Create a graph of certain changes and present it to the class or a friend.
  2. Write an article on the information that you researched using subheadings such as causes and effects, recent developments, problems and solutions.

IB English B Language Skills

  • Listening & Speaking

    Skills to communicate both professionally and socially.

  • Reading

    Skills to stimulates imagination memory and recall information

  • Writing

    Skills to foster the ability to explain and refine ideas.

IB English B Themes

  • Experiences

    Opportunities to consider how events which take place impact an individual's life.

  • Human Ingenuity

    Opportunities to explore the sciences, technology and creativity.

  • Identities

    Opportunities to discover interests, values, belief and culture.

  • Sharing The Planet

    Opportunities to look at the challenges faced by individuals and communities in the modern world.

  • Social Organization

    Opportunities to explore the way in which groups of people organise themselves through common systems or interests.

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