Story of Halloween

story of halloween

Every year, we celebrate Halloween on the 31 October, but what are the origins of this day. Learn the history of this special day and a special theme park in America called Spooky World.


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    Culture and Lifestyles - The Story of Halloween

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The tradition of Halloween has changed since its origins. 

Listen to a news report about a theme park in America called Spooky World.

1. The majority of people who go to Spooky World are teenagers and young adults.
2. Spooky World is good for Litchfield as it brings extra work and money to the town.
3. You don't have to be a skilled worker to get a job at Spooky World.
4. The town is lucky to have a good infrastructure that avoids any traffic congestion when the park is open.
5. Owners say the disruption is worth it because they pay out a lot of money to people who live in the town during the holiday season.


Halloween Theme Parks Bring Spooks ... And Jobs NPR (2009)

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Here are the keywords to learn:

Here are keywords and phrases to learn:

  • bat
  • broom
  • candy
  • carve
  • cobwebs
  • costume
  • evil
  • ghosts
  • make-up artist
  • nightmare
  • October
  • parties
  • pumpkin
  • Roman goddess
  • spooky
  • supernatural
  • sweets
  • trick-or-treat
  • zombies

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