War and Peace

war and peace

War and Peace considers how even in war people can act differently towards people who are meant to be their enemies. By the end of this lesson, you will learn about an event that happened during the First World War where enemies behaved differently.

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    30-40 minutes

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    Experiences: War and Peace

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In 1914, near the beginning of WWI, the most remarkable thing happened men walked out of their trenches and joined each other in the middle, in 'no man’s land'. Thus began the Christmas Truce, the moment when men on the battlefield spontaneously reached out to their enemies. Watch this video, so you can get an idea of what happened in 1914.

Listen to the podcast about the Christmas Truce from accounts written by a British officer and then answer the questions.

Adapted from a podcast by Chris Staron.

Here are the keywords and phrases to learn:

  • armistice
  • conquering lands
  • fighting tyranny
  • mini-armistice
  • monuments
  • no man's land
  • trench
  • war zone
  • warfare
  1. Imagine you are in the trenches. Write a short diary entry of the Christmas Truce. You either choose to be a German, British soldier or one of the generals reporting the event.
  2. Imagine that you were a soldier in the trenches. Write a letter home to either your parents, other family or friends telling them what has happened.

IB English B Language Skills

  • Listening & Speaking

    Skills to communicate both professionally and socially.

  • Reading

    Skills to stimulates imagination memory and recall information

  • Writing

    Skills to foster the ability to explain and refine ideas.

IB English B Themes

  • Experiences

    Opportunities to consider how events which take place impact an individual's life.

  • Human Ingenuity

    Opportunities to explore the sciences, technology and creativity.

  • Identities

    Opportunities to discover interests, values, belief and culture.

  • Sharing The Planet

    Opportunities to look at the challenges faced by individuals and communities in the modern world.

  • Social Organization

    Opportunities to explore the way in which groups of people organise themselves through common systems or interests.

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